Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance / Unacceptable behaviour

We expect all employers, staff, colleagues and patients to have inclusive and respectful behaviour when attending the healthcare premises, to avoid disruption or offend others. Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  1.  Refusing appointments with an appropriate clinician due to their background, appearance, accent or skin colour.
  2.  Refusing to access the service in the appropriate manner i.e. making rude and humiliating comments to staff members.
  3.  Demanding change of team members due to discrimination relating to race, gender, religion or other protected characteristics.
  4.  Violent, threatening or abusive behaviour towards a member of staff or colleagues
  5.  Micro-aggressions (“something that has made an individual feel uncomfortable, marginalised and small” [8]) towards a member of staff or colleagues, examples of micro-aggressions.
  6.  Serious or persistent use of verbal abuse, aggressive tone and/or language, offensive gestures and swearing/foul language within the healthcare premises.
  7. Repeated derogatory comments about the practice/organisation or individuals either verbally, in writing/digitally or on social media platforms.
  8.  Intentionally false malicious allegations relating to members of staff, other patients or visitors.

The list above explains what sort of behaviour and attitudes will not be tolerated and may result in ending a healthcare relationship with a patient and being removed from the practice/organisation list and, in extreme cases, the Police being contacted